Friends and Family Review

The newest movie in the Friends and Family series, Friends and Family: The Last Laugh, is the latest movie directed by David Schwimmer. It stars his regular cast, which includes Chris Elliott, Lisa Kudrow, and Christopher Lloyd. I’m not sure why he decided to make a movie about a group of people with AIDS, but that’s okay – it’s actually pretty good!

The first installment of Friends and Family was called Good As Gold. It was the perfect movie for a family vacation, as the movie was so relaxing and hilarious that even your cranky relatives would feel happy to be on a vacation. However, the story took a huge turn for the worst when the movie’s central character (Tiffany) fell in love with her boyfriend (Brian) right before she was to go to prison. Tiffany tried to convince her father to let her go to prison, and ended up getting herself put in prison. While there, Tiffany met a boy, Michael (Lloyd), who were in prison himself, and who was trying to get her father to let him marry Tiffany.

The movie ends with Tiffany and Michael getting married, but it turns out that Michael didn’t marry Tiffany; it was a lawyer who was trying to get into Tiffany’s good book, and got his foot in the door. When Tiffany went to prison, her dad convinced the judge that they should get married; the judge obliged. The problem was that her mother had died during the wedding, and her sister, Tiffany’s mother-in-law, had taken custody of her. Because the wedding was so much a personal event, both the bride and the groom were forced to move out of the house while the sister-in-law and her girlfriend (Rachel).

Now, the funny part is that the film is set up to end with the two friends being happily married, having the children they have always dreamed of, and living happily ever after. The problem is that the two friends don’t quite have the same tastes in music or in food. When their mother-in-law comes down to town and finds out that their new home doesn’t include a piano, a video game, or a Wii, she starts to suspect that something is missing…and then gets involved in an ongoing feud that threatens the marriage.

Friends and Family: The Last Laugh is a funny movie. I’ve seen a few comedies, but this one manages to stay in the category of “funny” for me, because it’s not just a series of slapstick, but instead it’s a comedy about a dysfunctional family.

Although it’s a bit depressing, I’m glad that it’s fun to watch the movie in general, because it’s a little more realistic than a lot of comedies out there, even though it’s supposed to be about gay relationships. It also has some good twists and turns that make it a worthy watch.