Five Action Movies That Every Man Should See

When you’re searching for the perfect movie to sink your teeth into, here are five things that you must have when creating an action movie. First off, love action movies.

In fact, I have dedicated quite a bit of my life to watching, enjoying, and analyzing action movies – particularly those from the ’60s and ’80s. One of the reasons is because I found a lot of great movies in these eras. I discovered that the best action movies were the ones with characters that were fun, funny, and engaging. This is the main reason why I love action movies – the characters.

My favorite action movie ever is the one starring Robert Vaughn as the title character, who was a cop who went bad. While I’m sure you have seen this movie, it’s one of my personal favorites simply because Vaughn was such a great character to root for. I remember loving this movie, even if Vaughn was an over-the-top character, because he was always doing something stupidly and entertainingly.

For instance, you’ll see him jumping out of a plane with an air balloon, and then landing on top of a car as if he was going to ride a skateboard on the roof of it. It was hilarious at the time, but I still loved it because it made me laugh, and Vaughn kept it light-hearted and comical throughout the entire film.

In the same way, The Bourne Identity was another one of my favorites. One of the funniest and most exciting action scenes ever filmed is Bourne’s first encounter with the terrorist organization The Organization. As well as being an excellent action movie, this also happens to be a comedy.

It wasn’t only The Bourne Identity that I love; there are many other action classics from the past that I loved as well. So if you are looking for a movie that you can enjoy, but also can give you a good laugh, I would recommend you to check out a few of them below.

In addition to being a great action hero, John Travolta also became an incredibly good actor during his time in the ’60s. He did quite well with some of his other roles, but in this movie he was able to do the unexpected. Even better, he managed to make the role of a hero one that actually makes you want to root for the hero.

One of my favorite John Travolta movies is his first starring role in Bringing Up Baby. He played the role of a father who was trying to raise his daughter after her mother’s death. As with the others above, I loved Bringing Up Baby because it was a fun, funny, and well acted movie. The movie itself is also a classic, and worth watching.

The last movie I wanted to mention on this list, but is one of my favorites, is The Game. As well as being a comedy, this is another good one as it was directed by none other than Quentin Tarantino. While I won’t spoil the end of the film here, it’s one of my all-time favorites because it has a lot to say about the way we live in today’s world, and a lot of interesting twists and turns.