A Day at the Races (Movie Review)

Aspiring screenwriter and musician Ben Kingsley star in this charming comedy about a man who goes from rags to riches by taking on an outrageous number of women. After taking part in a series of botched auditions, Telly (Ethan Embry) decides to finally pursue his dream and become a professional screenwriter. Aspiring adult Telly (Leo Fitzner) is now intent on sleeping with as many virginal females as he can – but when he discovers that he is HIV positive, he begins to fear rejection by others.

The movie’s plot and characters are both very funny, but not at the expense of the storyline itself. Ben Kingsley plays the role of the ambitious writer, who is a little too confident and cocky to be successful. He also possesses the attitude of an average college student – only instead of being in college, he is out on the town, trying to impress women. Meanwhile, Casper, the most lovable character of the film, is a mischievous, yet innocent type of boy, who enjoys the attention of women.

Although Ben Kingsley may not have had the greatest acting ability when it came to acting as a child, he does have the right amount of self-confidence to portray the roles that he was given. However, the character of Telly is not as well written as Casper – which is perhaps why it’s the character who is most enjoyable by the end of the movie. While the storyline is very funny, the character of Ben Kingsley is just as entertaining as the movie’s title character.

Overall, the screenplay of the film is very well written, although it seems as though Ben Kingsley may have been a little too perfect in his portrayal of his character. He portrays Telly as someone who is incredibly arrogant, yet also very naive and innocent. Although he is a bit of a jerk, he is also kind hearted and loving, and willing to sacrifice his own happiness to help others. This combination makes Ben Kingsley very believable, as his character struggles to find his way into a happy and meaningful relationship.

The cast of this movie is very good, and each actor brings a different aspect to the character of Ben Kingsley. Justin Pierce provides the role of a man who is overly self-assured and slightly egotistical, while Leo Fitzner plays the role of a mischievous man who is as innocent as the story’s main character is.

In addition, it’s interesting to note that the movie is also set during the early 1990s – so it follows the timeline of the times in which people were much more open and accepting of gay and lesbian relationships. This makes it even more fun to watch, because while Ben Kingsley is still the same old “HIV positive” guy he’s playing in this movie. Overall, this is a movie that everyone should watch – especially if they enjoy watching Ben Kingsley acting out his life.